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IBC's Services

Our motto is “TCES – Total Customer Experience Satisfaction”,
which is what we continue to pursue and go through with every valuable customer.

We deliver splendid and impressive service by giving each customer individualized attention through "Exclusive Appointment" with our diamond ambassador. Your unforgettable purchasing experience begins with an enquiry.

Presales       |       At The Sale       |       After-Sales Services



Please feel free to select a communication channel with which you feel comfortable, be it via Whatsapp, Wechat, email or phone call.

Our diamond ambassador will attentively listen and address to your every need.


Down to the smallest detail, our concierge will schedule complimentary limousine service to ensure your visit an enjoyable and memorable one.

(This service is available for area within Hong Kong boundary.)


Having analyzed your needs, our GIA certified Gemologists will handpick the perfect diamonds shortlisted from our vault curating a collection of over a thousand fine pieces.

We promise what we presenting are the best you can obtain in the market.


At The Sale


Having the best diamond selected is just the beginning, our jewellery experts continue to surprise you by their finest design and extraordinary craftsmanship, which make your final product a true masterpiece. With our professional skills and consultations, designing and creating your own exclusive art piece is no longer a dream. Your ideas and imaginations can be visualized by sketches and 3D rendering, which ensure a precise translation from concepts to the end products.

At IBC, we are convinced of the artistic talent that is embedded in our valued customers.Their instincts and vast global travel experience contributes crucial elements in our design inspiration.


We are proud if you would associate us with Italian tailors. We provide “fitting” service for our honourable customers.

You can always try on the products before final confirmation. We are happy to take all necessary steps to make the final pieces perfect, including resizing and other final adjustments.


After-Sales Services


Excellence is not our goal, it is our standard. Leaving no stone unturned, we take care of every detail even after the sale is complete.

We understand that your finger measurements may vary from time to time. IBC provides the services of resizing your rings.

We also expect that your taste may alter from time to time too. Our designers are always ready to amaze you by giving new touch on your old pieces, bringing you to the next level of satisfaction.

Lastly, we share professional know-how on the ways to keep the products not only in their best condition, but at their best value.


Your purchase at IBC is not a one-off experience.

We offer life-long inspection and renewal service free or at minimal cost, including thorough jewelry cleaning, independent diamond inspection, metal polishing, 18k electroplating and laser inscription of text or graphics.

We treasure every single customer and we believe that a good relationship should last for generations to come.

(IBC reserves the right to make the final judgment on whether the jewellery is suitable for renewal and the respective cost involved.)